Fulvic Minerals – 32 Fl. Oz. – One Month Supply – Vegan Liquid Trace Mineral Multimineral Supplement

Brand Vital Earth Minerals
Flavor Unflavored
Material Type Free Chemical free,gmo free,sugar free
Product Benefits Detoxing
Dosage Form Liquid

About this item

  • THE PERFECT TRANSPORTER OF NUTRIENTS*- Since Fulvic easily passes through cell membranes, it transports up to 60x its own weight in nutrients directly into cells. Fulvic enables the reactions needed for nutrients to be properly used by the body. 
  • 100% FULVIC IN SOLUTION- EXTRACTED USING ONLY WATER*- Using a gentle proprietary, cool water filtering extraction process, we have isolated the Fulvic from our Humic source material and this is what we bottle – 100% Fulvic in liquid solution. Because of our gentle, meticulous process that utilizes nothing but cool, purified water, Vital Earth’s Humic/Fulvic has a highly beneficial alkaline pH. 
  • A NATURAL ELECTROLYTE-* Fulvic is nature’s way of re-balancing and energizing the body. Fulvic bonds to and strengthens all biological properties with which it comes into contact. Fulvic can change, alter, or combine with both organic and inorganic matter to enhance the biological performance of cells. 
  • ALMOST TASTELESS! NATURALLY MILD TASTING*- All natural, mild taste; no sweeteners or flavoring needed. Naturally processed without heat, pressure extrusion, or chemicals of any kind. Fulvic Minerals has virtually no taste. This is because we don’t use vile tasting chemicals during our extraction. 
  • FEEL BETTER ALL OVER* – Alkaline ph between 7.0-7.5. Alkalizing minerals encourage proper body pH. Balanced pH helps you feel clear-headed and strong as an ox!


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