Scruples Heat Up Thermal Spray, Set of 2 (8.5oz)


Brand Scruples
Item Form Spray
Hair Type Fine

About this item

  • PROTECTS HAIR – This thermal spray is specially formulated to help protect your hair from further damage brought by heat of blow dry, flat iron or curling iron so it stays healthy and ready for the day!
  • DELIVERS HOLD – Scruples Heat Up gives you the hold and control perfect for every day and simple styling so you can easily dry, curl, straighten or give body to your hair!
  • ADDS TEXTURE & SHINE – This hairstyling spray from Scruples doesn’t just protect hair, it also add texture and shine to hair so it doesn’t look limp and damaged and you can flaunt your shiny hair!
  • WATER SOLUBLE – Our heat protectant spray is water soluble so it is very gentle and soft on the hair and scalp and can be easily applied and removed.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Scruples Heat Up Thermal Spray has a light formula that gives you protection without being sticky and greasy on hair and scalp so you can enjoy your style that feels like silk without oiliness!


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