Scruples Moisture Bath Shampoo & Moisturex Conditioner (33.8oz)


Brand Scruples
Item Weight 33.8 Ounces
Product Benefits Nourishment
Hair Type Coarse, Frizzy, Dry
Active Ingredients Water

About this item

  • SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER SET- This Scruples shampoo and conditioner set helps you battle dry, brittle or coarse hair. The shampoo gently moisturizes and cleans your scalp while the conditioner provides intense nourishment to your locks!
  • ADDS ELASTICITY & SHINE- This shampoo and conditioner has been formulated to provide your hair with maximum elasticity and shine. This set gently moisturizes your hair so that you can get healthier, shinier results from the very first wash.
  • GENTLE FORMULATION- Never treat your hair with harsh chemicals again. Scruples shampoo and conditioner contains no harmful chemicals or fillers that can damage your hair. You can use this set regularly without worrying about hair damage.
  • ENHANCES PLIABILITY- These Scruples hair products are designed to help make your hair more pliable for styling. This is especially true for dry, brittle or coarse hair, which might feel rough to the touch and may be resistant to styling attempts.
  • MAXIMUM MOISTURE- Use this Scruples Shampoo along with the Moisture Conditioner to gain maximum moisture. In fact, leave the conditioner in to your hair for 10-15 minutes for an intense moisture treatment.


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