Virginia Diner – Gourmet Natural Rufus Teague Honey BBQ Snack Mix, 18 Ounce Tin

Flavor Honey BBQ Mix
Brand Virginia Diner
Weight 18 Ounces
Package Weight 0.65 Kilograms
Variety Peanuts

About this item

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our unique blister roasting process results in peanuts that are cooked to perfection in all-natural, Non-GMO oil, producing a uniquely delightful crunch.
  • NATURAL – No Cholesterol, No Trans Fats, Heart Healthy Peanuts. Mix provide about 5 grams of powerful plant-based protein per serving and good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • FLAVOR PROFILE – Chock full of Virginia Peanuts, garlic sesame sticks, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds blended with Rufus Teague Honey Sweet BBQ sauce.
  • SUPER XL – These rare peanuts are all graded as “Super XL” which accounts for less than 2% of the total peanut crop. Since 1929 all of our peanuts have been harvested and roasted in the heart of Virginia peanut country.
  • GREAT GIFT- Our snacks come packed in vacuum-sealed tins that reflect Virginia Diner heritage, making a great gift for loved ones at the holidays or any time of the year.
  • SMALL BATCH – You won’t find mass manufacturing with our sweet or savory treats. Each product is given the top care and attention to ensure you experience only the best.


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